Company Founders

John Paul and Shelley Cresswell Walker knew that when they decided to bring their two families together, that there would be a special plan for them. Together, they are sharing their common ground of Mississippi Delta farm family roots, passion for tourism and agriculture initiatives, and the desires to start their own company to benefit their community and region. John Paul and Shelley give credit to their parents and mentors for their character, work ethic, and respect for family owned businesses. John Paul grew up in Schlater, Mississippi located in Leflore County. His family has been the owners and farmers of “Highlandale Planting Company” for multi-generations.  Shelley grew up in Satartia, Mississippi located in Yazoo County. Her family owned and farmed “Cresswell Farms” as well as held partial ownership and managed Satartia Gin Company, Inc. for multi-generations.

John Paul enjoys using his natural talent of communicating with others to market and promote quality products, as well as serving in community leadership roles. Shelley enjoys using her skills in manufacturing operations, business consulting, tourism, and workforce education to assist with economic development and business consulting projects. She also facilitates entrepreneurship and leadership development seminars for corporate businesses, municipalities, and community organizations.

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